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Utility of The Town of West New York

The West New York Parking Utility was created in 1964 by the Town of West New York as the; Parking Authority to provide a means of addressing the current and future parking demands of the Town including the preparation of a comprehensive and coordinated plan for the development, financing, construction, operations and/or management of parking resources and certain specific parking facilities located within the Town. It was transitioned to the Parking Services Utility in 2019 in order to create more parking to address the parking demands of the Town in a more centralized venue.


Disputing a violation is very welcomed if you feel that your vehicle did not break the rules, but New Jersey state law is very specific about the way a municipality can conduct an administrative review of parking summonses.

The Town of West New York Municipal Court is solely responsible for all citation collections, claims, and hearings regarding parking violations received in West New York. Once a summons is issued, it must be contested, if desired, in municipal court. Only the municipal court, not the Parking Authority, can consider your side of the story and whether or not extenuating circumstances exist that may excuse you from compliance with state and local regulations.

Parking Authority Employees cannot dismiss or excuse parking summonses. All tickets are processed through the New Jersey municipal courts. If a payment is not received by the “PAY BY DATE” on the lower left hand corner of your ticket, a state ordered time payment fee will be assessed. Additional fees will be incurred and can either result in driving privileges, loss of permit privileges and/or warrant for your arrest if the situation is not rectified.

To Contact the West New York Municipal Court:

  • By Phone: Monday – Friday, 9am-4:30pm at (201) 295-5195
  • Online: The State of New Jersey has set up – the fast, secure and convenient way to access your traffic ticket information online. Visit to conveniently pay fines from a computer.
  • In Person: Walk-in hours – Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9am-4:30pm, late hours on Tuesday until 7pm.
  • By Mail: Fines can be paid by check or money order payable to “The Town of West New York” and mailed to:West New York Municipal Court
    428-60 Street
    West New York, NJ 07093

West New York has accessible and reserved parking for people with disabilities in each of its lots to ensure safe and equal access to goods and services throughout town. If a parking space with the international symbol of accessibility is not available, individuals with a disability with a visible valid handicap placard or plates may park at any street meter or in any lot (excluding monthly reserved permit-required spaces).

Per NJ State law, (N.J.S.A.39:4-207), when parking at a metered space, drivers with a visible valid handicap placard or plates are required to pay the meter. If the vehicle will occupy the space beyond the maximum time, the driver is obligated pay the meter to the maximum time and can stay in the metered spot for up to 24 hours without re-feeding it.

Improper use of a Disability ID and Placard is against the law and makes it more difficult for people with disabilities. Able-bodied people who abuse placards deny curb parking spaces to people in need, and place people whose disabilities aren’t outwardly apparent under an unfair cloud of suspicion.

We do not handle dedicated on street disability parking spaces. Please call the Traffic Division of the West New York Police Department at (201) 295-5025 for all inquiries.

West New York is the third most densely populated municipality in the United States, according to the most recent census, so parking enforcement is an essential tool to help protect resident’s ability to find parking near their homes; and help create turnover for businesses, so that their customers can find convenient parking spots.

Proper parking on West New York streets enables residents and visitors to get to where they need to go safely and contributes to our vibrant neighborhoods and business districts.

No one enjoys receiving a ticket, and the WNYPU does not enjoy giving them. Parking Enforcement Officers are just doing their job, when they issue a ticket to a vehicle. They have a public safety responsibility to ticket vehicles in violation. We strongly prefer to educate customers in order to help them avoid tickets. Illegal parking creates safety hazards and is an inconvenience to those following the law. Drivers, parkers and pedestrians are responsible for each other’s well-being. The West New York Parking Utility enforces policies that promote safety.

Spaces in our lots and street meters are designed as short term parking options, not long term stays. The goal is to create turnover so the largest amount of visitors to our great restaurants and businesses have the opportunity to enjoy all that West New York has to offer. Most are two hour limits but some have up to 4 hour limits. All are clearly marked.

Parkmobile is available in most lots to help those customers avoid over time parking tickets by allowing them to pay by phone or pay by app. Longer term options are available. Bu using new parking technology and management strategies, West New York Parking Utility aims to make parking in West New York more convenient. The goal is to make parking easier to find (whether at the curb or in parking lots) and easier to pay for.

If a meter is broken and unable to accept money, please call The West New York Parking Utility at (201) 295-1575 to report the broken meter. You may park at the meter at your own risk, but only for the maximum amount of time allowed (generally two hours). The maintenance department works to fix meters quickly to ensure you are not inconvenienced. A meter ticket will not be dismissed unless the maintenance technician verifies that the meter was in fact broken. A full report including date and time reported, and date and time fixed, is sent to the municipal court clerk.

West New York Food Drive

Tuesday, May 28th at 11AM By Miller Stadium   – Jackson Street between 57th and 59th Streets

First come first served.

Mayor Albio Sires and the Board of Commissioners continue to take proactive steps to safely make sure every West New Yorker has access to the food they need. Thanks to the Hudson Country Dept of Health and Human Services we are able to have another great food drive.

West New York New Parking Rates

Please be advised that there will be an upcoming adjustment to the pricing of our Parking Garages and Municipal lots. Effective June 1, 2024, the price of all parking facilities will increase.

We understand that price changes can be inconvenient, and we haven’t taken this decision lightly.  We appreciate your understanding.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 201-295-1575 


ParkMobile App Expansion Services Launching Town-Wide.

Mayor Albio Sires, the Board of Commissioners and the WNY Parking Utility are excited to announce the ParkMobile App Expansion Services Launching Town-Wide.

Effective April 1st, 2024, mobile payment option will be available in your neighborhood for Visitor’s pass.

*This is the first phase of activation*

For more details contact us at 201-295-1575.

Download the app today:

State of Emergency – Winter storm is forecast to hit the area and drop 4 to 6 inches of snow across a wide swath of the state today, Friday, January 19th.

Mayor Albio Sires and the Board of Commissioners encourage you to be vigilant and stay safe during the impending storm. 

State of Emergency – A winter storm is forecast to hit the area and drop 4 to 6 inches of snow across a wide swath of the state today, Friday, January 19th.

• Street sweeping is cancelled 

• All Parks will be closed


If you lose heat during the storm call WNY Heat Emergency Hotline at 201-295-5000.

57th Street Garage Grand Opening

Mayor Albio Sires and the Board of Commissioners invite you to the 57th Street Garage Grand Opening.

Saturday December 9th, 11:00 AM

Upcoming Parking Deck Project

The Parking Services Department of the Town of West New York would like to advise all of our residents, visitors, and establishments of the Town’s upcoming Parking Deck Project, beginning July of this year. Phase I of the Parking Deck Program will entail the redevelopment of our 51st Street Lot, creating over three hundred (300+) new parking spaces to help alleviate the parking issues our Town faces.

As a result, the 51st Street Parking Lot will be closed beginning Sunday, June 27, 2021 and will remain closed for approximately one year as this project moves forward for the benefit of our community.

The Town wholeheartedly understands that this will be a burden to many residents and establishments that depend on this lot. While we are excited that this project, once completed, will bring over three hundred (300+) new parking spaces to our Town, we understand this temporary disruption will be an inconvenience. New Alternative Parking has been secured. Please reach Parking Services for further information or for inquiries with any questions, comments, concerns by calling 201.295.1575 or via email at, where a representative will respond to inquiries promptly. Visit for constant updates regarding this project.

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