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Utility of The Town of West New York

The West New York Parking Utility was created in 1964 by the Town of West New York as the; Parking Authority to provide a means of addressing the current and future parking demands of the Town including the preparation of a comprehensive and coordinated plan for the development, financing, construction, operations and/or management of parking resources and certain specific parking facilities located within the Town. It was transitioned to the Parking Services Utility in 2019 in order to create more parking to address the parking demands of the Town in a more centralized venue.

Upcoming Parking Deck Project

The Parking Services Department of the Town of West New York would like to advise all of our residents, visitors, and establishments of the Town’s upcoming Parking Deck Project, beginning July of this year. Phase I of the Parking Deck Program will entail the redevelopment of our 51st Street Lot, creating over three hundred (300+) new parking spaces to help alleviate the parking issues our Town faces.

As a result, the 51st Street Parking Lot will be closed beginning Sunday, June 27, 2021 and will remain closed for approximately one year as this project moves forward for the benefit of our community.

The Town wholeheartedly understands that this will be a burden to many residents and establishments that depend on this lot. While we are excited that this project, once completed, will bring over three hundred (300+) new parking spaces to our Town, we understand this temporary disruption will be an inconvenience. New Alternative Parking has been secured. Please reach Parking Services for further information or for inquiries with any questions, comments, concerns by calling 201.295.1575 or via email at, where a representative will respond to inquiries promptly. Visit for constant updates regarding this project.

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