Taxi Licenses

Your employer must initially give you a signed verification of employment letter.

Visit the WNY Licensing department to obtain the application

West New York Police Department
License Bureau – Room 26
428 60th St.
West New York, NJ 07093
Tel. 201-295-5040
Fax. 201-295-3289

MON-THUR 8:00 am-12:30 pm

You must bring the below documents:

  • Driver’s Licence Abstract
  • Medical Exam Report
  • 2 Recent Photographs (passport type)
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Valid Social Security Card
  • Valid Employment Authorization Card (I-795)
  • Valid I.N.S Resident Alien Card (I-90)
  • U.S Birth Certificate and/or U.S/ Foreign Passport
  • Proof Of Address with your name
  • $42.80 For Fingerprints and $30.00 Licence Fee (CASH)
  • If you have been arrested, all of your dispositions.


West New York Police Department


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