Hiring An Officer

To hire an officer, contact Jobs4Blue (Visual Computer Solutions, Inc.) at (877) 425-8330, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

West New York Police Officers can be hired to work outside employment for the following situations:

  • Traffic control
  • Crowd control
  • Other appropriate assignments

There is a set rate for officers regardless of rank. Persons or companies hiring police officers cannot request certain officers or officers of specific ranks. Every effort is made to accommodate requests for outside duty officers but there are times when staffing is not available. Vendors will be advised in a timely manner if a job cannot be covered. Coverage of a job request is not guaranteed.

Outside duty requests are subject to review by the Police Department and may be refused if the duties requested are not consistent with the policies and procedures of the West New York Police Department or against any laws or ordinances.


Work is scheduled for a minimum of four (4) hours. After the four (4) hour minimum, work is scheduled at 1 hour increments.


Jobs may be cancelled by the vendor up to one (1) hour prior to the scheduled start time. Vendors who fail to do so will be billed for four (4) hours by Jobs4Blue (Visual Computer Solutions, Inc.).


West New York Police Officers may only perform the above duties within the Town of West New York.


West New York Police Department


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