Elected Officials

Commissioner Count J. Wiley, MD

(201) 295-5270

Commissioner Count J. Wiley is responsible for the Parks and Public Property Department

Count Wiley was born in neighboring North Bergen and attended Franklin Elementary School and North Bergen High School, excelling as a full back on the football field and in shot put on the track and field team.
Commissioner Wiley earned his BS in Political Science with a minor in Public Administration from East Stroudsburg University. He did post graduate  work in Public Administration at Farleigh Dickinson University and graduated from Bridgeport University, College of Chiropractic, in 2003.

Growing up, Commissioner Wiley developed a firm belief in hard work, respect toward others, solid education, looking adversity in the eye, and believing in oneself.
Commissioner Wiley owes much of his success to solid organization skills and having led by example. After college he owned and managed a recycling business and a mechanical shop, and he exported products to Central and South America.
Always a leader by example, Commissioner Wiley believes that open dialogue and supportive supervision help workers perform up to and beyond expectation.
Cultural and historical preservation are both very important to Commissioner Wiley. He firmly believes that cultural diversity helps make West New York great. Time-honored traditions should be passed on to the next generation through observation and celebration.
Commissioner Wiley resides in West New York with his wife, Beatriz. They have five children: four daughters and a son.  Katherine, age 23, is a graduate student at Seton Hall studying physical therapy, Genesis graduated from Montclair State University with a BS in Biology. Nicole, age 16, is a junior in high school; Italia, age 6, attends grammar school; and James recently celebrated his second birthday.
Commissioner Wiley’s practice, Friends and Family Center for Health, is located in North Bergen, NJ; a multi-disciplinary health center, it offers chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, a foot and ankle specialist and massage.
Commissioner Wiley proudly serves as Commissioner of Parks and Public Property, bringing his energy and expertise to all the citizens of West New York.